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Your days of writing are over by Damilola Tobi

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Your days of writing are over. I have always loved you all along. This is what he told me after I shared with him the article I wrote about him.

It all started when he replied with Love, you babe on one of my pictures. I was surprised and I don’t know what to reply with at first however later I said I love you too and he said, I mean it. I was like oh okay. Not long ago, he said he thinks he is ready for me. Well, I asked him if he was sure about what he said then he replied with, let’s take it slowly. I concur with that because with him, I don’t want to rush again. I have always loved him and there is really no point rushing because from the look of things, he feels the same thing for me and he loves me.

For days now, we have been fine. We get along easily. I wake up to see cute love messages and more. I am still myself. I pursue my dreams, chase my goals and make sure that I am on top of my career. I don’t want the love to get into my head too much but hey, I love this man and I can’t wait to spend forever with him {If God will}

I’m happy things are going well but I am kind of scared. I guess it is fear of the unknown. His love towards me has been so amazing and sweet. I pray this continues. He assures me it will and I believe him.

My advice for every single ladies waiting, don’t compromise. The best will come. You just need to be patient and trust God. I never believed Mr A will want to take our friendship to the next level but hey, it happens. God is preparing you for the best. Do not forget that. Don’t settle for less. Remember that the best things take time. I pray that God will answer your prayers and give you the best, not just something you want but the best of it.

Damilola Tobi.

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