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There are so many things happening in a marriage that might seem not to affect a blissful union, not until it get to that point, the partners may feel they can keep progressing in error, without knowing the attendant consequence. A union ought to be nurtured to the best of understanding of couples, any attempt at trying to cut corners might spell doom. Your marriage will most definitely survive the fall if you adhere to how a normal union should run, you and your partner should do all you can and stay away from those steps that could easily pull down a once rosy union

Highlighted below are 5 costly mistakes that could easily pull down a marriage, no matter how sweet it had been all along


I never stop drumming it into ears of couples, that the way they manage finances in marriage is very crucial, you guys need to know how to manage what comes in and how much is expended over a period of time. Have seen countless situations whereby a wife decided to call it quit simply due to the shady behavior of her husband as regard managing funds meant for the family, how sweet will it be if such men used wisdom in handling things? Not only reading, have also seen situations whereby some men decided to end it, no thanks to what they termed domineering influences of their women when it comes to issue of money. Unnecessary tension will be avoided if the couples deem it wise to know how to manage finances that revolves around their marital life


Do you enjoy comparing your woman with traits exhibited by other women or as a wife, are you in the habit of comparing your man with other men, for obvious reasons? Then, just know that your marriage is only on a borrowed time, you are about to say goodbye to that union, except you are tired yourself, then, desist from such dirty habit. Don’t get me wrong, it does happen subconsciously, either while chatting with friends or with that particular partner, don’t allow it be a norm, whereby you sing it almost on a daily basis. Nothing can be so nauseating like hearing your partner saying sweet things about one’s friend thereby rubbing ones’ in the mud


While chatting with a friend months back, he gave certain cogent reasons while he couldn’t disclose some issues with his woman, the reasons he gave sound convincing enough, though, I still counseled him on reasons why his wife should be in the know. It has to do with his health, he was battling a terminal sickness back then, thank goodness he is fine now. Just imagine if his wife got wind of such sickness elsewhere, do you think she would still feel secure in such marriage? Obviously not. Many marriages have hit the rock simply due to some avoidable mistakes, or are you thinking its that easy getting another partner that will be so loving like your Ex?


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Don’t get it twisted, never think you can use that domineering behavior to enforce compliance in a marriage, you are inadvertently ruining it. You need to take the views of others, anything short can be counterproductive, it might spell doom at the end of it all. always caution yourself when that traits begin to build, no matter the provocation, you need to take things easy, don’t be surprised, things may eventually turn out, just the way you had envisaged. Never enslave your partner simply due to the influence you have in such union, if you carry on with such attitude, expect such marriage not to stand the test of time.


Do you know that living an unhealthy lifestyle could put paid to a union? This is part of little things that continue to rock the boat of a once rosy marriage but which those partners continue to turn blind eyes to. There is no dirty habit that cannot be surmounted if you are truly ready, all it takes is dedication, and it will be long gone. I must commend some patient partners, they tend to realize this and try correcting their partners, the onus now lies on you to take correction and have the final laugh.

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