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Dating Advice: 5 Things You Should Look Out For In Your Dream Man

Dating Advice: 5 Things You Should Look Out For In Your Dream Man

Every ladies out there want a peaceful home devoid of rancor, they want to have the best of men to themselves, someone that will make them feel like a real woman till the end of time, the simple question I have for these set of people is how sure are you that you just chose the right man? We all wished you get the right fellow but how truly can you tell that he is the kind of guy that can guarantee those lovely dreams you had?

Getting a dream man won’t come that easy but with these 5 key points, you should be able to tell if your present guy can give those lovely things you always wanted from someone you wanted to settle down with, check out the 5 points to look out for below.


Does he accommodate some of your views anytime you seem to be suggesting or bringing opinions that have to do with your lives? If he does, then, you are obviously looking at your dream man, such a guy will make for a good husband if he truly welcomes your ideas and put it to use. Don’t ever make the mistake of putting up with a guy that finds it hard accommodating other people’s views, it’s either his own way or nothing, such fellow might find it hard changing ways when you eventually decided to say yes. He may keep assuring you that things will change when you eventually settled down, don’t be a fool, how will such fellow beat a turnaround?

Business Minded

Hello young ladies out there, if you truly cherish financial stability when you finally settled down as a wife, then, start looking out for a guy that takes things seriously, not the unserious minds. Your future man should be one that is ever ready to move on when one business fails or not moving the way it should, he should be able to think out of the box and fashion something out, that is a positive sign to look out for. Am talking of a man that is ever ready to invest in a business that will bring in returns which will better the lives of not only himself but people that surrounds him. Being business-minded shouldn’t push him to engage in nefarious or shady deals, all am alluding to is clean and legitimate businesses


If he respects everything around you, you probably looking at your dream man, make sure he is not just pretending, that shouldn’t be too difficult to find out, if only you get the gist. A guy you are dating that shows so much respect to not only you but your families and friends should take serious, such will likely continue after marriage. Your dream man should respect you at all times, you deserve it. He should be able to respect your decisions too, he should give valid reasons anytime he feels your decisions aren’t good enough. You should learn to respect him too, remember respect is reciprocal


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If your guy flares up at the slightest provocation, you probably might be mingling with the wrong fellow, well, i may be wrong to a certain extent but the ball lies in your court at telling if he is the real deal or not. Some people may argue that such a fellow might be having a bad day but is he having bad days all his life? if the behavior continues unabated, does that not tell us something? A guy that is ever ready to hit you shouldn’t be seen as a dream man except you enjoy being turned into a punching bag


Is he always around to see to your well-being? How often does he create that special time for you to at least talk or plan about the future? Believe me, this is one crucial point that requires all attention it deserves. If you finds out he is that kind of man that never wanted to be seen with people or someone that loves shutting his door against people, i wouldn’t want to rush and tag him a wrong guy, but if he fails to change, then, you probably looking at the exact opposite of a dream man. How will you enjoy such marriage if you finally walk down the aisle? Though, some guys are just too reserved, that still does not say he should not be available for talks or shutting his doors against you, your friends, co-workers, family members and so on.

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