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7 Essential Qualities for a Romantic Partner

7 Essential Qualities for a Romantic Partner

Often times, people think about why their partner chose them especially when they’re the opposite pair. It even sometimes brings thoughts and leaves a person overthinking the reason and beginning to have doubts either because you’re not the kind of person your partner would usually go for. Some start to wonder if it’s real if it’s a bet or a dare among friends. It’s totally understandable. You keep wondering “Why me?”  It’s not like those fictional characters in movies and books we read, it’s reality. It’s reality and it’s impossible. So you think.


Everyone has a type, otherwise known as “a spec”. True, a spec is the kind of person you imagine and see yourself being with. It may have to do with physical appearance and it may not but when in love, you find who you need, who may be entirely opposite from your “Spec”. There’s no doubt when people look for a partner, they tend to search in vision with their “spec” in mind. You may think you’re not enough or undeserving but to someone you’re everything.

SO, WHY IS YOUR PARTNER IN LOVE WITH YOU? Everything burns down to attraction, not just physical appearances, there are different ways a person can be attracted to you. People fall in love in so many ways for so many reasons or with you, maybe just one.


This doesn’t always have to do with appearances like how the face looks, body frame, structure, and all that. Sometimes people get attracted by the simple things they see, such as; your smile, your smile can make someone take a likening to you, and want to be around you.  Your eye color can make someone attracted to you. Your hair, your preference in how you like your hair might attract a person. African hair,  silky hair,  curly hair, afro, low cut, whatever it is can be attractive to others. A person might personally not like the thought or image of your look but seeing it on you becomes perfect. This is a pathway to a forming relationship, bond, and sometimes they start to harbor feelings that leads to the road of love.


Gestures never go unnoticed, whether it’s a kind gesture or a shade, at least a person will notice it. A simple gesture can make an individual take an interest in you. Kind gestures especially, tend to bring people closer and build a relationship. The gesture might not even necessarily be extended to the person who picks interest in you, the person might have witnessed your gesture towards someone else and be amazed. It’s a small world, someone is always watching. Your gesture might just be why someone falls in love with you.


It’s funny how this can make a person love you but it’s a hundred percent true. As we differ in appearances, the same we have our habits. Some habits such as eating habits, how you wear clothes, how you pronounce some particular words or numbers, how you can move a part of your body unawares, hygiene. Habits vary. some habits that we aren’t even proud of. Some habits might even be seen as embarrassing, wrong, disgusting, shameful, etc. But to that one person, it’s fascinating or cute and irresistible to witness and a person takes a likening to you because of your habit. The person falls in love with you and is ready to cope with the embarrassing ones and help you with the others that may be inappropriate, not trying to change you though. More so, a person may have a similar habit as you do and also may be trying to hide it as much as you try to, it brings a bond. It can pave a way for forming a good relationship and who knows from there, the person might just fall in love with you.


We all have different ways of thinking as well as perspectives. Everyone’s way of reasoning and mentality or ideology can’t be the same. And some perspectives have no choice but to stand out wherever they are. Some are opinionated and objective while some aren’t. You either meet someone whose perspective and sense of reasoning is similar to yours or meet someone whose perspective is the complete opposite of yours. A person might become intrigued and fascinated by how similar or opposite your minds are. There you have it, attraction! Mind attraction is said to be one of the strongest and Relationships and bonds based on mind attraction is said to be long-lasting and strong.


The behaviors you exhibit can be the reason a person falls deeply in love with you. Characters range wildly, from the nice, quiet to the rude, stuck up, and sassy. It’s possible for a person to fall in love with the opposite of his/herself. Opposites attract right? However, your character is, it may be the reason for love coming to you.


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Who you are as a person might be the reason for the love your partner holds for you. This goes beyond your character or behavior. It is who you are. There are various personalities, there’s even a grouping of extroverts and introverts and also a combination of the two. Whoever you are, there’s something unique about your person that love will find.


Ever heard a statement like “ I’m ONLY TO YOU PHYSICALLY AND NOT MENTALLY” and vice versa? Well, people get attracted due to intellect. A person can get attracted to you based on your intellectual capacity, how intelligent and smart you are. Your intellect can cause an attraction and bring about a bond. Not necessarily just a smart person, people can fall in love with a  person who isn’t as bright or smart as they are. And you wonder how such a pair came about. In love, it’s perfect and right for the other and just what the other needs.

It’s amazing how these things can make one fall in love. People fall in love with who they really need in their lives. There’s a difference between “I LOVE YOU” and “I’m IN LOVE WITH YOU”. The physical appearance is not everything, the luxury, the accessory is not what matters. All those are simply just the icing on the cake. What makes people in love are the things that can’t go away or differ with time. People fall in love with qualities that can’t change so easily, no one can take away your smile or laugh from you, how you are, who you are, your habits, or your intellect. People fall in love with the qualities that remain the same and don’t change with time.

Don’t doubt your love! No one can actually tell you why your partner is in love with you except your partner. So, WHY DO YOU THINK YOUR PARTNER IS IN  LOVE WITH YOU?

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