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A man with no self-discipline will fall weak and lead astray – #BBNaija Mike Edwards

Big Brother Naija star Mike Edwards received the coronary heart of many whilst he brazenly declared that he become married before going into the BBNaija house and closing devoted at some point of his stay within the opposition.

Mike, just like the opposite guys within the house got near the ladies, however, he changed into cherished at some stage in and after the show for staying trustworthy to his wife.

Fans have persevered to ask how he did it, and so in a publish on his Instagram, Mike is explaining his solve and noted that it changed into largely due to him marrying an wonderful soul.

He wrote:

How do you stay faithful? I get asked this question a lot lately and despite the obvious reason of falling in love with the most incredible woman whom I get to call wife @itspsd . I figure I’d write my answer here for what it’s worth.
Well, my answer is strength no weakness. A man with no self discipline will fall weak and lead astray, having the discipline and respect for yourself and significant other becomes a habit, and with time habit becomes second nature.
I would also say that sacrifice is a vital part of what has helped me. The key is you have to be able to sacrifice who you are, (ex. old habits) for who you’ll become, don’t be afraid of taking the road less traveled in the process. Hint: Find yourself spiritually. 🙏🏿
Lastly, your environment. I believe in the saying you are the company you keep. My advice is surround yourself with people who have similar standards and family values as you.
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