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#BeanballmediaMeets: Exclusive Interview With CEO Of Flott.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
My name Safiya Umar, I hail from Niger state by origin but marriage has made me an indigence of Nasarawa now. My late father was a Court Registrar and my late Mother was a Businesswoman. I’m the 5th last girl in a family of six. Started my primary and secondary education in Niger state and Abuja. I did my Diploma in-law at the University of Abuja after which I had my first Degree at Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, CCNA and USIP in the USA. Currently working on my MBA, School of Natural Science and Medicine  U.A.E. I’m married with a child.

Why did you get into skin care?
Why I went into Skincare; To me skincare is like every other business ; Maybe you should ask me why I went into entrepreneurship (lol)…okay after graduation I had my first job with Abuja integrated Facility management, then  worked with Vision FM, then DTN Tv, P&H of All the years I gathered working in all these firms I discovered it was just a total waste of time, energy, resources coupled with the fact that it comes with very little stipend as salary barely even enough to cater for everyday life talk more of earning a livelihood… So it started to ring in my head that it won’t hurt to have multiple streams of income.. then I started to think alongside venturing into business, that was how I started some series of business that flopped along the line (lol)my first business selling dry fish,then Palm oil ,content production(Media) and then behold the Beauty industry  now (lol).

What excites you about a career in skin care?
What excites me about my career is those happy and satisfying smile I get from my clients after rendering my services.

Can you tell us about your areas of specialization? 
My area of specialization is Sugar Waxing, Turmeric Body Scrubs, Body exfoliating and Vaginal steaming.


What is your greatest strength? How does it help you as a Skin Care Specialist?
My biggest strength is my knowledge and expertise as a skin care expert and how it has helped me in my career is in Strategizing, staying original & strong and determine in an industry with so much competition.

What are your career goals?
My career goals are simple, just be able to give and satisfy my clients with the best form of skin care regimen/routine at an affordable price.

What motivates you to work hard?
What motivates me to work harder is pretty simple ,Firstly Is the truth that is not only that I make monies from my business but then I serve as a means of livelihood for other young girls whom in return are mostly the breadwinners if their families, those are my workers ,I see this as my own little way of giving back to society, knowing that some people feed off you, makes me want to remain in business no matter what goes wrong.

How reliable of a worker are you?
I pride myself in what I do as an expert, so be reliable Is a must -have quality, success in any service providing business comes with been consistent and reliable, your clients need to be able to trust you at all time.

Why should someone choose natural skin care products over the products offered at both drugstores and high-end cosmetics counters?
Because of the damaging effects, it has on our skin, aside from been cost intensive.

What are some essential tools to have on hand when making your skin care products?
A Handy Mixer, bowls, measuring cups/ spoons essential oils & pots.

Is there a particular recipe from Natural Beauty Skin Care that’s good for all skin types?
Sure, definitely but this will have to be when you visit us for consultation.our own little Secret, can’t say it here oo(lol)

What keeps you passionate about helping people look beautiful?
That satisfying smile, Complements and happiness that comes from a client.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In the next five years, I’d like to see that we expand, that is able to work from all other states in Nigeria and not centred only in Abuja.expansion is key for us.

You can contact us at 42, Ndjamena Crescent, off Aminu Kano Wuse 2, Abuja
Instagram @flott_beauty

It’s a women spa and we take appointment/ Booking, so please do book an Appointment before you come. Thank You.

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