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I love You Till Eternity! Beautiful Pre-Wedding Pictures of Gbeks & Sukanmi

I love You Till Eternity! Beautiful Pre-Wedding Pictures of Gbeks & Sukanmi

We love these Pre-wedding pictures of Gbeks and Sukanmi!

Love is sweet. Love is beautiful. So I pray that you will find love that will praise you in words and bless you with actions. A love that is holy like God’s grace for us. You will find him/ her and you’ll be met with understanding because you’ll never have to explain your soul, it’ll come easy like an old story being told. The route is long and the directions are few, but you are going to find love because she is patiently waiting on you.

Gbeks and Sukanmi

I have known Gbeke since we were in JSS1. She was a smallie that sat in the front row. However, in SS1 we began to interact a little more as classmates from the junior class and naturally gravitated toward each other. I started to notice her and tried making moves on her through our mutual friend, Timi who Gbeke kept interrogating about me. Although she was very free-spirited, she was also very principled and this mostly put me on edge whenever I was around her.

We spent a lot of time in SS3 talking on the phone; many times, all through the night in the era of free midnight calls, while keeping straight faces during school hours. I was never particularly sure what we were; friends or more… After Secondary School, we tried to stay in touch. Admittedly, it was somewhat difficult for me because mobile phones were not allowed in my University and the internet connection was bad. I however, still kept tabs on her through my friends…….


Enjoy their pre-wedding pictures below.

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Bride: @gbeks5
Groom: @akisunks
Decor: @elizabeth_r_events
Planner: @thegenteelsignature
Photography: @awgzzz

Background story of Gbeks and Sukanmi is credited to thegenteelsignature

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