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Best Wedding Bell Poem In 2020

Best Wedding Bell Poem In 2020

Everyone looks forward to that day when you hear the wedding bells, it’s like a call to your new life, a life you’re going to share. That feeling that washes over you as you think of the day you’d commit forever. That feeling of certainty and unwavering assurance and loyalty. The feeling of Love and beauty shining over them, like every love story, another unique kind of love plain insight for all to see. Not just a labeled Relationship but a life.

The joyous feeling as they agree to be bound together by love and happiness. Overlooking and beating everything life has thrown and used it as a stepping stone.

A beautiful beginning that never has an end.

As the clock strikes the auspicious time
And the bells chime loudly signalling the dawn of a new world
A beauty goddess in perfection for her greek god
As the doors open and her foot steps into the room, all eyes dart to her direction in awe
His senses become more alert
His senses have long meditated her strides
His heart has grown to know when she’s around
As their eyes meet from across the room and their eyes begin to relay messages only they can understand, blocking the rest of the world.
She will she away as his eyes follow her every step
They both read out the definition of love
As the love is smeared on them
Bond for life to each other
Creating a new unique love story for the world to marvel at
She becomes his queen forever
His till their paths go back to uncross from the beginning
And hers till love has no meaning on earth
They belong to each other
Right from the moment they echo the words “I DO”.

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Photo Credit: awgz.married

By Eleanora Snow
(Agbeje Princess)

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