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The Curse of Social Media – Uru Eke

There are those who live for the likes and comments. Constantly refreshing their feed to see if the numbers have gone up. How many views their videos have had in the last fifteen mins. Oh, the addiction has caused many anxiety attacks and depression. Having said all of this, the …

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Olachi Olatunji: Crushing These Bulls**t Rules

If your beliefs aren’t even yours, then are you yourself at all? Makes you wonder why there are so many people running around with no sense of identity, no knowledge of who they are. They have relied on others to decide who they are, and therefore who they can become …

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Easter Sales From TOD Clothing

Easter promo from TOD Clothing is still on. Place your order now! Get 50% off Royal and Normal Throw pillow. Free delivery for purchase above #10,000 Naria. Get your package delivered within 24 – 48hrs. Nationwide Delivery. WhatsApp – 08060668462 Call – 08028014627

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Finding My Angel Baby – Tolu Adeyemi

I will never forget the daughter the world will never remember or let me acknowledge. The daughter I saw so briefly but never got to hold. The daughter I never dressed or fed. My daughter for whom my life was put on hold for over five months as I let …

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