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Col.Sani Bello; “the thin god of major” by Keem Abdul

Just as Diamonds are uncommon stones, same as Col.Sani Bello who is also a rare gem. If he were to recount his ordeal as a philanthropist, then, one of the highlights of his story would be donating generously to the needy without feeling reluctant. Col.Sani Bello is a great man that sees wealth as divine from the creator. Indeed he’s a man who knows the ABC of business like the back of his hand. The well-calculated retired colonel is one of the few leaders blessed with native intelligence which has made everything he touches turn to gold.

Col.Sani Bello is a master strategist; So when it comes to success in business, any student who intends getting a degree in Business Management should pick Col. Sani Bello’s astronomic rise in business management as a case study.

The thin god did not just stumble by that feat with mere word of mouth, but with the sheer dint of hard work and ceaseless prayers to his creator. The serial entrepreneur loves to pull people around him up. He believes the quote that says ‘The amount of wealth you gather in life does not make you a successful man but the number of people you have pulled up from poverty and render selfless assistance to.” This has remained the secret responsible for his astronomic rise in business.

During the month of Ramadan and like always he made his mark by carving an exemplary niche for himself not only in business but also living a life in line with the teaching of Allah as stipulated in the Holy Quran, a close source revealed.

“Since the inception of the just concluded Ramadan fasting, he had been responsible for the feeding of many Muslim faithful, who couldn’t afford a good meal for Sahur and Iftar. He is a man of many colours and dimensions. These little things He does are reasons He keeps rising above his peers and his handwork keeps flourishing with the blessings of Almighty Allah.”  Our source added.

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