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Abimbola Olaitan is Gorgeous in these Birthday Snaps

Abimbola Olaitan is Gorgeous in these Birthday Snaps

Today is my birthday and am grateful to God to be celebrating this day.

Abimbola Olaitan

Last year was such an amazing year for me! God helped me to achieve great things. I practiced self-love, I made sure I love myself to a great extent and I was also able to improve on so many things so I’m never going back to accept less. You know why, It’s because I thought all I was doing, I did for love but in the after reality, I realized I neglected myself in many ways while I was heavily invested in someone else. No wonder love continues to evade me because I keep looking for it in the wrong places with the wrong persons, double negatives, these charges drained me like an iPhone after an IOS update.

I also never knew that I don’t have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness, I don’t have to wait for someone to love me or choose me. I never knew I was enough. But things changed for me and then I realize that If only I stand still long enough to truly inhale and exhale to breathe. Happiness will permeate me like the warmth of a wood fire on a cold winter night. I’m glad I found myself again and am glad I choose myself again. I’m never going back to accept less.

Another thing, am grateful for is that whenever I look back at the things I’ve achieved by the grace of God and look forward to more things I’ll achieve, which is exciting am always filled with joy.

So in this new year, am believing that it will bring good things my way. Good things like success, prosperity, abundance, genuine love. A love that won’t have me to nail my hands to a cross to be worthy. A love that will praise me in words and bless me with actions. A love that is holy like God’s grace for us.

These days, I worry less about my future because honestly, it’s obvious my life is in his hands. So, cheers to the new age. Cheers to becoming 30. Yes, 30 years on earth of God’s faithfulness and mercy. Cheers to more amazing content {On YouTube and on the website}. Cheers to this soft life that’s here to stay till forever in Jesus name. Cheers to prosperity, joy, God’s blessings, good health and most especially, God’s grace.

To all of you that support me and my brand {Beanballmedia & Weddings}, I can’t thank you guys enough for being so supportive of me and my brand. It’s no doubt that it only through family and friendships we become connected to something outside of ourselves. I appreciate you all. I feel the love so deeply and I’m forever grateful.


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