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How Long Should I Wait? By Damilola Tobi

The question pop into my mind when I saw the series titled RumorHasIt. Sometimes I feel waiting for him means am a dump or waiting for something that won’t happen. Yes, am in love with him, I feel something different for him but he hasn’t said anything yet. I know he loves me and he cares so much about me, I also know that he wants friendship but I want more than that. Should I ask him if he wants to take the friendship to the whole new level or I should just wait for him to say something about it but am tired of waiting.

Earlier I said I saw a series RumorHasIt and in the series, Dolapo happened to be married to Franklin and their marriage hasn’t been going well and then she met a new guy called Femi that made her feel awesome about herself. Unfortunately, just when she feels something great for Femi, her husband Franklin character changed. Franklin started loving his wife more and making time for her.

Back to my story, I don’t want what happened to Dolapo to happen to me. I don’t want to lose the man I love due to impatient but then does he even loves me to the extent of being in a relationship with me? Should I just accept to date this other guy? Yes, there is someone else.

I know he cares about me but I just want more of his time. I want him to be consistent with me and with us.

I must say I have led people on consciously or unconsciously many times and I am feeling this is like a payback for me but seriously I never mean to hurt anybody, sometimes I just feel a relationship would work and if it doesn’t work at the long run, we both go our separate ways {Well, I don’t think the other party is hurt because we both seems fine at the end of the day.}

Human beings are really interesting and love involves a plethora mix of attraction and chemistry. Someone once said ‘Someone who makes a great friend won’t necessarily make a great partner.’ With this, should I just leave everything at friendship level since he is not even saying anything?

Have you ever been cut up in something like this? Please share your experiences in the comment section below. Thanks. Tons of love.

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