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How to Help Your Partner Through Tough Times

Each and every morning, I wake up to thank God for my life and all that concerns me and without a doubt, God has been awesome. I can not deny that fact. Aside from God being so good to me, he has also been good to me in terms of my relationship, however, the question still remains if my relationship has been smooth sailing. The answer is, no. Although my relationship has got me closer to God and without a doubt I have someone to look out for physically and most importantly, spiritually.

You see, this past week hasn’t been a good one for me. I feel am not been loved the way I’m supposed to be loved, I feel am being pushed away but then I understand that he has so many challenges he is facing but I trust God for a miracle for him. I miss my man. Sincerely I do!

I asked him if he wanted a space, if he wants us to stay apart for a while so he can figure out somethings but then he said he doesn’t want space also he apologised and he promised to make amends.

Guys, have you ever been in this kind of situation before? My advice is that you should be patient and pray. God will show you the way and help you out. I also pray that everything you have lost or that your partner has lost will be returned in plenty.

Things you should also do during those tough time.

Appreciation goes a long way.
You may not be able to solve the actual problem that is bothering him, but we can take steps to make him feel like his home is a safe haven where he is loved. Tell him a few times a day that he is being seen, valued and appreciated for what he’s doing.

Do not forget that as long as they’re finding a healthy way to deal with it, you should not be offended or worried about why you’re not getting the feelings play-by-play. Instead, channel your effort to be supportive in other ways.

You can also offer your support in subtler ways. Shoot over some sweet texts to show you’re thinking of your boo. There are so many ways we can be a supportive girlfriend without having to utter a single word of it.

Have friends who can also support you emotionally. Trust me, this is not a time to leave him or to seek for solace somewhere else. Allow your impart to be felt in his life during those hard times.

Do not give up on your love. Remember that true love stands the test of time. You will be fine.

Damilola Tobi.

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