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It’s over between us – Damilola Tobi

I choose you to do life with you hand in hand, side by side
I choose you to love my whole being
I choose you in a hundred worlds in any version of reality…

It was the happiest day of my life when I agree to be his girlfriend. I could feel it from my soul that truly he loves me. His love and affection were different from the rest of the men I have been with, the kiss, the hugs were amazing. I thought this was it because it felt so real and pure. Before I met this guy I was in a long distant relationship, the relationship was going well but it got to a point where I realized I was being played. He never loves me all along. So we parted ways.

The relationship was over and I just wanted to be alone but then this new guy came into the picture and all my fears were taken away. I thought this would last, I thought this would be forever but then I was taken by surprise when I told my family about him and they were not in support. I began to imagine if I was dreaming and if peradventure they would change their mind but for them to do that, they were bent on not agreeing to us being together. It’s tragic when the most important people in your life don’t automatically get along or like your partner.

I know my family won’t be the one in the marriage but I can’t afford to disobey them. I tried to make them understand that he is a good man but they just couldn’t see that aspect of him being a good man.

The question was, how do I break the news to him. How do I tell him that I am not longer interested? I knew this was going to break him but I wouldn’t want to ride on the horse and at the long run fall down on it. So I told him! He was broken as I assumed. I felt so bad. I wish I could just tell him it’s a joke and it was real. It has been two days since I told him and nothing from him yet. No messages No calls No chat. Well, I know it is over between us and I don’t expect him to do what he used to do but then if wishes were horses I know me and him would ride.

Starting all over is painful, as a matter of fact, I want to take my time. I don’t want to rush. My prayer is that we both find happiness. I wish you all the best, Goerge.

Love Always.

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