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Love found Me – Wedding Poem

Love found Me – Wedding Poem

As beautiful and magical as weddings are, there are still a good number of people who believe otherwise. You may have thought so too a while back. People have different views, on love, Relationship, bonds, marriage, etc, whether positive or negative. Some say it’s just a fairytale, some say it’s a way of life, different perceptions. But Love is no respecter of perspective, perceptions, or person. Love is not a planned event that you can schedule and re-schedule. Most times we think we have found love, but did you really find love? Or did love find you?


Love isn’t a coincidence neither is it planned…
That brings us to why you’re standing at the altar with the love of your own.
Everyone is free to have their ideologies and thoughts on love. Free to believe it or see as a fairytale, free to just read and watch it or accept and feel it, free to embrace it or to fight it, free to search for it or let it come to you, free to be optimistic or pessimistic about it. Whichever way you have it in your mind, it doesn’t matter, when love is ready it never misses its target. Maybe you didn’t find love coincidentally, maybe love found you on purpose!

“She was for no one’s till I saw her
She walked in the street and hailed whistles and stares from every corner
She belonged to no street but still claimed ’em like it was hers
And after I saw her my mind beckoned for her
I craved her as mine so I put a ring on it
I swore to myself I’d never now to a woman
But under her eyes I just want to obey her every wish
She changed my perception from the moment she was my intention
She changed my content since she became my object
My jewel is no item
She’s no genie but made all my wishes come true
She’s no priest but her love makes me confess my sins
She’s my everything and more
She needs no one but still chose to make me lord over her
She wanted to be mine like I wanted
My jewel I was never looking for
My jewel I never thought I’d need
I wasn’t looking for love
But love found me.”

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