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Sekemi and Lalou wedding

Patience In Marriage

Sekemi And Laolu
Sekemi And Laolu

Patience In Marriage is very important for a lasting relationship. It is one quality that can do wonders in Marriage.

Ever imagine what the most crucial aspect of a beautiful marriage is? Well, here is your answer. Patience; exactly what you need if you want your relationship to be stable and strong.

Wondering how patience adds to a successful marriage? Let’s see!

They say patience is a virtue and truly it is. It has no price tag. You can’t buy it. You can only learn the ACT.

Apostle James told us in James 1.4 that we should let patience have its perfect work in us that we may be perfect, entire, lacking nothing. The truth is that greatness takes time. God could have created the whole Cosmos in a day but he took his time because he wanted perfection.

A great business takes time, a great career takes time, a great ministry takes time and great marriage takes time!

When long-married couples are asked the recipe for marital success, many recognise patience as a key element. It’s the essential virtue for living together day after day in relative peace, without constant struggles to change the other to our liking.

How do I practice Patience In My Marriage?

  • Accept your partner for who they are.
  • Communicate. Talk about how you feel. Talk it out!
  • Listen to your partner. This will help you to figure out a solution rather than focusing on the problem.
  • Learn to compromise. Remember that compromise make us move along.

Patience is one quality that can do wonders in Marriage.

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