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Basic Rules for Dealing with In-Laws

Basic Rules for Dealing with In-Laws

We need not deceive ourselves, families of both the man and his woman have a special role to play in a marriage, even after tying the knot, we can’t just wish them away like i said, they’ve got a special place somewhere in our hearts. Have overheard couples saying they will do away with their people immediately they become husband and wife, a friend even went as far as threatening to get huge dogs to deter not only his own immediate family but that of his woman too, where is this done, please?

Listen to me, yes, am talking to you, is like pointing to your father’s house with your left hand, it might come back to hunt you if care isn’t taken. Do the right thing and avoid the “Had i known” syndrome. In-laws still have a lot of roles to play in your lives, am talking of both sides, don’t just create an unnecessary blockade that may boomerang at the end of it all. Come to think of it, where will you turn to if any unfortunate incidence rears its ugly head? No one prays for any but life is all about ups and downs, whichever comes, do all you can to face it headlong

Let me cast my mind back to that friend that vowed to send away his people with massive dogs once he settled down with his woman. You wouldn’t believe it, both in-laws eventually rescued my friend when he was roped in a huge financial scandal that transpired at his workplace. Both families got a very good lawyer and gave a good fight, a move that got my stubborn friend off the hook, he was almost jailed. The company had already seized all he had on earth, his bank accounts were frozen, his two cars were confiscated, not leaving out the massive Supermarket run by his dear wife, he almost committed suicide, all thanks to the in-laws they never wanted to see

I understand some in-laws tend to over-flog things, some can really be a pain in the ass, that shouldn’t push you to place a total ban on them. Am tempted to say you will be offending your creator if you try it, though, some might not agree to this but it’s the reality. I for one will never support any in-law taking things that were not approved by the couple, some family members can be so frustrating, no doubt. All i will advise is you take things easy, study them, and know how you can relate to them without any fuss. Tell them your likes and dislikes, let them know their bounds, this will even avoid rifts between both families.

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It’s just common sense, it won’t cost nothing to achieve this, it requires understanding from all sides and all things will fall in place. Your in-laws will always have a special place in your home, distance notwithstanding. Never treat them like trash, we all need one another.

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