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Couple getting married
Couple getting married

Questions to Ask Your Partner Before Marriage

Asking for some important questions before getting married can not be overemphasized. It is important to ask those questions so that you and your partner are on the same page. Falling in love with someone is an amazing feeling. It is a journey to find someone you truly connect with and love. And when you do as your emotions continue to grow deeper for one another, it is natural to have a desire to marry them.

While you can’t prevent life from getting in the way (and unexpected barriers and obstacles coming up) you can make sure your relationship is as strong as possible to withstand them. And, ideally, that starts way before you even get married.

Although you might imagine that everyone has those big, important relationship conversations before they tie the knot, you’d be surprised how many issues get swept under the carpet or ignored completely. Asking the right questions can start you on the right foot for married life—and help keep divorce at bay.

Questions to Ask Before Marriage

  • Do You Want Children and What Would You Do if We Struggle to Get Pregnant?
    This question is one of the most important question to ask. Nobody pray not to have children but what if there is a delay. Struggling to get pregnant can be devastating in a relationship. One of the things you want to be sure of is, if your partner will seek solace from another woman. Also it’s important to discuss about adoption. Are both of you comforatble with child adoption.
  • Talk about Financial Goals?
    First and foremost, you need to talk about money. Money is the number one source of relationship stress between couples, so being on the same page early is crucial. You want to start a conversation and get a sense of whether the two of you are financially compatible—not in terms of how much you earn, but in how you view and manage money.

*What’s Your Partner Communication style?
Understanding your partner communication style / love language is very imortant. You must have heard that communication is crucial for a relationship, but it can be tricky to know how to have healthy communication if you both seem to have different communication styles.

*Why do you want to get married?
*What sexual activities do you enjoy the most?
*Are there specific sexual acts that make you uncomfortable? Be specific!
*Do you feel comfortable initiating sex? If yes, why? If no, why?
*What do you need in order to be in the mood for sex?
*What’s Your Biggest Fear?

Make sure that you’re asking the tough questions and your marriage will have a much deeper level of understanding.

I know there are other questions to ask. Kindly add them up in the comment section.

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  1. I would ask about their previous relationship, how it went, what conspired and why they choose me after .

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