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Signs God is at the Center of Your Relationship

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An ideal relationship is not only romantic and Instagram-worthy. It should motivate the couple to be holistically better and productive. Also, it must be founded on commitment, respect, trust, and true love.

Putting God at the center can help a lot in keeping a relationship healthy, strong, and harmonious. It is a good foundation that is worth the effort and time.

Do you want to make sure that your relationship has God as its center? You can check out these 20 signs to see if your relationship is on the right track from a Christian’s point of view:

1. Brings you closer to God
If you feel that you have drawn closer to God since you started going out together, then it could mean that this relationship began right and it influences you positively.

2. God first
Both of you have committed that if there is a conflict of schedules involving church ministry or personal time with God and your time together, then you will choose the former because you want to put God first before anything else. (Matthew 6:33)

3. Going to church together
One of the simplest signs that show a couple has God at the center is when they make time to go to church together. Before they watch a movie or go for a dinner date, they make sure to include church time in their date plan.

4. Honoring your parents
You both believe that you need to respect your parents as a way of honoring the authorities God has set above you. Therefore, you strive to keep a good relationship with each others’ parents. (Ephesians 6:2)

5. Praying together as a couple
This is not a very common setup since prayer is usually done individually. However, if a couple makes a schedule to pray together faithfully, then that means they really value spirituality.

6. Committed to pray for each other
This shows that you rely on God to protect and care for each other. You both admit that you need the strength of God to keep you going as individuals and, of course, in your relationship.

7. Studying the Word of God together
It is either you have a regular devotion time together or you involve in a Bible study group which helps you grow more in your understanding of the Word of God.

8. Encouraging each other to have personal quality time with God
You both understand the importance of having a personal relationship with God for the holistic growth of a person, that is why you follow up on how your partner is doing when it comes to his/her individual prayer life and Bible meditation. (Joshua 1:8)

9. Serving God together
Both of you delight in serving the Lord. You involve yourselves in the church or spiritual organizations that do not just allow you to use your talents and abilities to serve God but even people too.

10. Not tolerating wrongdoings
Whenever one of you does something wrong, you rebuke your partner—gently—and encourage him/her to stop doing it and do what is right instead. As the scripture says, love does not rejoice in mistakes but in the truth. (1 Corinthians 13:6)

11. Treating each other with purity.
You avoid impure and unwholesome talks even in private conversations because you are aware that it could trigger sensual temptations. You also choose to wear clothes that are not revealing whenever you are together for the same reason. (Matthew5:28)


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