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The Power of Meditation {How It Can Make you}

The Power of Meditation Understanding the Power of Meditation is very important. It helps you grow in wisdom, you will relinquish, and you will be productive. Your soul which is your mind is a very powerful realm. It’s the Pivot of mindset, it is the Fulcrum on which all your …

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Patience In Marriage

Sekemi and Lalou wedding

Sekemi And Laolu Patience In Marriage is very important for a lasting relationship. It is one quality that can do wonders in Marriage. Ever imagine what the most crucial aspect of a beautiful marriage is? Well, here is your answer. Patience; exactly what you need if you want your relationship …

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Law of Reciprocity {How It Can Make You Or Break You}

The Law of Reciprocity can either make or break an individual

LAW OF RECIPROCITY Reciprocity is not only a strong determining factor of human behaviour; it is a powerful method for gaining one’s compliance with a request. It beautiful how people feel compelled to do something for others who have helped them along the way – even if they haven’t asked …

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Everything Must Go – Damilola Tobi

I watched Sarah Jakes Roberts today and in the video, she talked about how everything must go. How distraction must go, how disappointments must go, how heartbreak must go, the list goes on and on. Her sermon ministered to me and I was inspired to write this article. Over the …

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