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The boy I love Verse the love that loves me – Damilola Tobi

The boy I love Verse the love that loves me – Damilola Tobi

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There is nothing you can equate with this thing, meeting someone, falling in love, then wanting a lifetime togetherness.

Most times I ignore the boy that loves me because I am so carried away by the boy that I love. Love they say is a beautiful thing. A love they say is sweet, amazing and happiness personified but won’t I be falling short if I am with the boy that I love instead of the one that loves me. I know a lot of people say, be with the one that loves you, even our parents say the same but what happens when I get angry at every little thing he does just because I don’t love him like the way he does.

The truth is, I give more preference to the one that I love, I overlook his mistakes, faults and bad behaviour. I know that no one is perfect but that is not the case if the other guy that loves me does the same. The guy that loves me promises to be there for me in terms of my career, goals and dreams. He always checks on me, he always wants to make sure am fine but the one that I love is just quite the opposite.

The guy that I love on many occasion shut me out on his plans, he hardly even ask me about my plans for the future but then I am still stuck with him. I know most of you reading this will think am a fool, well you can call me that if you have been in my shoes.

There is only one thing am considering right now and that is, me differentiating between Choice and Settling.

I want to be honest with myself, my intention and feelings. A saying goes ”Only time the relationship becomes a problem is when you feel like the difference in how you love won’t allow you to show up in the way the other person deserves”. At the end of the day, we all love differently and no one feels the same kind of love that you as an individual feel.

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I will move on and find happiness not just with those guys but with myself. I know when  I do, I will be able to settle for the best and make the right choice.

Do you have more suggestion about this topic? Kindly drop it in the comment section below. Thanks. Tons of love.

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