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The Place Of Sex In A Marriage

The Place Of Sex In A Marriage

Am talking to you, whether you like it or not, you need to do the needful, shying away from it can be catastrophic to a certain extent. Have heard it on so many occasions, all I do is just laugh it off. Stuff like “How can I be discussing such so openly? “My religion forbids such discuss”, “Only those that have no single atom of fear of God bring up such issue” and so many others like that. All I tell them is, don’t put your marriage in jeopardy, table your problem before trusted friends and professionals that could help proffer workable solutions, rather than suffer in silence

The funniest part is that people that come up with such funny, flimsy, and annoying excuses are actually suffering this particular issue the more, I wonder why they keep punishing their partners that may be ready to table such issue, except he/she held on to such belief too. Well, except you both decided not to touch each other for the rest of your lives, but I still wonder how practicable that can be. Even the Holy Books lend credence to seeking knowledge in such a crucial aspect of our lives, I continue to imagine why some will now decide to be forming as if they wrote these books

Sex should be held sacrosanct, anything short of doing the right thing will not augur, just as i earlier stressed. So many marriages have either hit the rock or suffering unduly no thanks to what the couples are unknowingly doing to themselves, they continue to progress in error, not until they beat a fast turnaround, things might not get back to normal. Sex is highly needed in a union, you are both an adult and needn’t hide anything from each other, if possible, approach marriage counselors if you discover you are having difficulty solving the naughty issue

Aside spiritual issue, Medically, sex has a lot it does to human health, i wonder why a fellow will now decide to punish self by sticking to a bad sex life. this is not hearsay, its medically proven that having periodic sex have countless advantages it does to human body. if animals could decide to do this as at when due, i don’t think humans, that are more knowledgeable should be found wanting. If you have already vowed to stay away from sex or having nothing to with it, why then did you agree to say yes to a partner that is ready to abide by nature’s call? You should have maintained your your lane instead of punishing an innocent partner

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To further buttress the medical aspect, there are so many benefits attached to doing it as at when due, researchers made it known that good sex helps in taking some dangerous toxins off the body, thereby leaving such body nourished and refreshed. It was also stressed that a clear difference will surely be noticeable in a fellow that engages in it compared to those that shy away

This write up is not meant to tarnish any faith or belief, we are only doing the needful, trying to open our eyes to what might disturbing our well-being. Talk to trusted friends, you can walk up to hospitals and seek audience with Doctors or other Medical Experts, you should be able to get more facts as to why sex is very germane to marriages. Don’t just sit in your little corner and continue to suffer what can be remedied. The ball lies in your hands

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