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The Power of Meditation {How It Can Make you}

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The Power of Meditation

Understanding the Power of Meditation is very important. It helps you grow in wisdom, you will relinquish, and you will be productive.

Your soul which is your mind is a very powerful realm. It’s the Pivot of mindset, it is the Fulcrum on which all your total ideologies are rested. That’s where human beings are formed. From behavioural tendencies to dispositions to ideas to concepts to visions to dreams to strategies.

No wonder king David was an exceptional leader. I beseech thee to Behave and quiet yourself as a weaned child.

Just imagine how quiet and peaceful, a baby gets after being breastfed, Please Get your mind to that state!

Abilities you can acquire when you meditate


Spend at least 2 hrs alone in meditation and enrich your mind. Cut down your social media time, cut down the number of people you interface with, you are An Eagle, stop interfacing/wasting your time with chickens.

Super Eagles don’t play against Super Falcons, Gallivanting around, excessive Gisting, unnecessary debates and arguments will only pollute and pervert your Soul/Mind.

Talk less, Meditate More!

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