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Things A Bride Should Never Say To Her Bridesmaids

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Sure, it’s an honor to be a part of a couple’s special day–but that doesn’t mean you get to say whatever you want to your bridal party. Before you stick your Jimmy Choos in your mouth, take a look at these 11 things you should never say to your bridesmaids.

It’s time to start that diet! No woman wants to hear she needs to shed a few pounds, especially when she’s just agreed to spend a fortune to be a part of your special day. So be sure to pick a dress that’s flattering on everyone, and let each maid decide if she wants/needs to lose some weight before the wedding.

I’m expecting a huge bachelorette party. While you might be keeping your fingers crossed for a weekend in Vegas, chances are not everyone in your bridal party is going to have the budget for that kind of trip. And it’s also nice to let your maids do some planning without you micromanaging them. When it comes to the bachelorette party, let your MOH take the lead and put your efforts into the wedding day.

This is my day! Yes, everyone knows the wedding day is all about the bride (and the groom, sort of). But that doesn’t mean you can’t take other’s opinions—and feelings—into consideration. And remember, the day is about you…not the entire year leading up to the day (sorry!).

Are you going to be making any changes to your hair? You’re envisioning all of your maids in updos on the big day, but your BFF’s pixie cut is interfering with your plans. Suck it up—you cannot tell grown women what to do with their own hair.

You can totally wear this dress again. In the history of weddings, there have probably been just a handful of bridesmaids who have actually worn their dress again–so don’t think your girls will be getting more than one use out of their gowns. Keep that in mind when you’re deciding on a dress and looking at price tags.

Can you have your hair and makeup professionally done for the wedding? Unless you’re planning on paying for everyone to do this, your bridal party will have to make the choice of whether or not to have their hair and makeup done by a pro.

Are going to cover up those tattoos? If it’s something offensive, then you can feel free to ask her to cover it up. If not, then you can either choose a bridesmaids’ dress that camouflages the tats, or just let it go.

I need your help every weekend until the wedding. While your bridal party should definitely be willing to help out with some of the planning details, you have to remember they have their own lives, too. Be realistic about the time they can give you–and if you really need that much help, consider hiring a planner.

Only married maids can bring a plus one. If a bridesmaid has a serious significant other–but no ring on her finger–she should still be allowed to bring a date to your wedding.

Remember, you need to have all of your attention on me during the reception. Your maids will be there to help you freshen up your hair and makeup, bring you a drink when you need it, and hold that dress when you have to pee. But they also want to mingle, dance and have some fun, so don’t expect them to be by your side for the entire party.

Don’t worry–one day it will be you. Just don’t.


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