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When We Are Oldies – Wedding Poem

When We Are Oldies – Wedding Poem

When We Are Oldies – Wedding Poem

I look at us and can’t help but think of
When we are Old
When our hair will turn gray
When we’d grow old and some of our senses will be weak
But are feelings and mind still in perfect synch
When we grow old,

When We Are Oldies – Wedding Poem

Our hair will turn gray but you’d look adorable
Our eyes will grow weak but I’d still see you clearly
We’d probably need glasses but I don’t need to see you
Our ears might go deaf but we’d use our hearts to listen to each other
Our skin will wrinkle but you’d still attract as ever
When we are old,
A little kiss will be everything and more
We may not be able to go out as much, trust me I’d recreate it at home
Years and years after, our memories might fade but our feelings will never fade.
I’m sure it gets sweeter as we get older
We look and smile in reminiscence of our youth
When we became one, we made a great promise,
We did not only keep to our promises individually,
We also helped each other keep the promises
When we are old,
Counting the years of our togetherness,
Smiling cutely at our wrinkled faces
When we’d scold each other for eating what the doctor says No to
When I’d hold your hand when going to the hospital for check-ups
When I’d hold your hand when taking an evening stroll
When I’d rest my head on your chest and listen to your heartbeat
When I’d play with your hair as your head lays on my laps
When we are old,
When we are more excited for our anniversary than our birthdays
When we are super cheesy
I’d not want to leave you for a second
We’d be an example to the young couples
We’d be the cuter than any other couple and they’d be lots of “awwwnnn” at our way
We cute oldies.
I’d love you more than I have ever,
I’d spend forever just proving that fact,
When we are old.

By Agbeje Princess

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Photo Credit: Awgz.married

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